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How Many Points Does it take for a Southwest Airlines Award Flight?

How many points you will require to make a Southwest Airlines flight reservation?


Well, this is the first question that strikes one's mind when talk of reward points starts. Southwest Airlines offers reward points to its customers which are called Rapid Rewards. Besides, if you are wondering how many points does it take for a Southwest Airlines award flight? Then, let it clear first that the Rapid Rewards are revenue-based points which means the points are equivalent to the money. So it means you should have the exact points or more points than the flight fare to make the flight reservation.


Additionally, the flight fare increases, the number of points to purchase flight ticket will also increase. Though Southwest Airlines offers a single cabin class it provides three types of flight fare which may vary based on the time, destination, and demand.


Now another question which makes tickling is what is the best time to book Southwest flights with points? Fair enough, you should always keep an eye to the Southwest Airlines sales and deals, the airline offer many discounted flights to its passengers. And the moment you see the price going down, book your flight tickets on Southwest Airlines.


Moreover, there are some points by keeping them in mind you would get cheap flights on Southwest Airlines.


How would you get cheap flights on Southwest Airlines?

  • If you want to make cheap flight reservations, you should avoid the last-minute flight booking and book your flight four to five months prior to the date on which you want to travel.
  • Also, you can fly on the weekdays instead of weekends usually the flight fare gets higher on weekends. So to get Southwest Airlines cheap flights, you should make the flight reservations on weekdays.
  • In addition, you can opt for the odd hour flights i.e. late night or early morning flights. Since very few passengers wish to fly during this time and hence you can get a cheaper flight ticket.

Aside from this, you can get more information about cheap flights and the best time to book Southwest flights with points, you may get all the information from the Southwest Airlines customer service. They will provide you a complete and reliable solution for all your queries.


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